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Disclaimer: There is a lot of current global issues, and in no way does this website cover all of them. We provide resources on topics that we have already researched in depth. Please feel free to help us inform others by bringing light to other topics that the media does not cover.

Articles on Redlining



Lebanese Red Cross: main provider in charge of ambulance services

World Food Program: Lebanon imports about 90% of their food, WFP is sending in planes with food and it’s their primary focus right now

Humanity and Inclusion: doctors organization, about 100 of their workers are stationed in Beirut to help with post surgical therapy

International Medical Corps: deploying new med units every few days and providing mental therapy to the affected

Save the Children: just launched a focused Lebanon’s children relief fund

Project HOPE: bringing in medical supplies and protective gear to help authorities with assisting in recovery

Bridgewater Petitions


Black Lives Matter

Mutual Aid
Anti-Racism Fund
Black Lives Matter

Note: Anti-Racism Fund and Black Lives Matter split their donations to multiple organizations

Pride Awareness

Yemen Crisis


Unicef - €11 ($12.30) could provide life saving food for a child for a week

Save the Children - €25 ($27.94) could provide a family with case and food vouchers for 2 weeks - Multiple donation packages, €21.50 ($24.03) feeds a child monthly

Islamic Relief - Actively working in Yemen for over 20 years, providing food to over 2 million people every month in Yemen

Philippines Anti-Terrorism Bill

Chinese Muslim Concentration Camps

South America


India/Pakistan/China Border Crisis

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